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Notes from “Great by Choice”

 Great by Choice" by Jim Collins and Morten T. Hansen explores the factors that differentiate successful companies, termed "10Xers," from their counterparts in uncertain and chaotic environments. The authors present several key concepts:

  1. The 20 Mile March: Successful companies maintain a consistent pace of progress, akin to a 20-mile march. They set specific performance markers and adhere to them regardless of external conditions. An example is Amundsen's disciplined march to the South Pole, contrasting with Scott's erratic approach, leading to Amundsen's success.

  2. Fire Bullets, Then Cannonballs: 10Xers experiment with small, low-risk initiatives (bullets) before committing significant resources (cannonballs) based on proven success. Southwest Airlines serves as an example, initially testing the low-cost airline model on a smaller scale before expanding.

  3. Leading above the Death Line: 10Xers maintain a margin of safety, avoiding catastrophic risks. They prepare for the worst-case scenarios. The book explores examples of companies like Intel, which survived the memory chip crisis by diversifying and avoiding excessive risks.

  4. Zoom Out, Then Zoom In: Successful leaders have the ability to both zoom out for a big-picture perspective and zoom in for detailed execution. The authors illustrate this concept using the example of Roald Amundsen, who had a clear vision (zoom out) but also meticulously focused on daily details (zoom in).

  5. SMaC (Specific, Methodical, and Consistent): Successful companies have a set of durable operating practices that are specific, methodical, and consistent. A notable example is the "20-mile march" itself, representing a specific, methodical, and consistent approach to progress.

  6. Return on Luck: 10Xers acknowledge the role of luck but focus on maximizing the return on luck when it occurs. The authors analyze how various companies, such as Microsoft, effectively capitalized on fortuitous events.

In conclusion, "Great by Choice" emphasizes the importance of disciplined decision-making, consistent performance, adaptability, and risk management in achieving long-term success. The book offers valuable insights by contrasting successful and less successful companies in unpredictable markets.

To adapt these principles in your business, consider implementing a disciplined approach like the 20 Mile March, embracing experimentation with a mindset of firing bullets before cannonballs, and maintaining a margin of safety to navigate uncertainties. Regularly evaluate and refine your strategies, balancing a big-picture perspective with meticulous attention to detail. By incorporating these principles, you can enhance your business's resilience and potential for sustained success in dynamic environments.

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