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History of Project Management

Like all management subjects, project management has also a long history starting since the big projects of pyramids, temples, palaces etc… A very brief history of the project management by using the classification shown in the following table.

History of Project Management

Before 1900s
·   Wonderful projects
·   Work force is cheap and even expendable
·   Urgency is not driven by rat-race
·   Management organization structures are seen in church and army
·   No management scientists
·   No project management profession
·   Emergence of management science
·   People begin to study work and people at work
·   Henry Gantt introduced his famous planning charts
·   Early development of CPM
·   US defense projects use CPM
·   Mainframe computers run project management software
·   Project management becomes a recognized profession
·   More concern for people at work
·   Project management has two meanings:
o   Industrial project management
o   IT project management
·   Creation of professional associations
·   More project management software
·   Legislation for health and safety
·   Anti-discrimination laws were introduced
·   Desktop computers run powerful project management software
·   Better graphs with color
·   Managers are less dependant to IT experts
·   Computers can not now run arrow networks and precedence becomes the norm
·   Wider acceptance of project management as a profession
·   PCs and notebooks can run all applications
·   More interest in project risk
·   IT and industrial project management no longer considered so differently
·   Project management is a respected profession
·   Worldwide communication with satellite and the internet


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